The Center for Jazz Studies ranks among the leading research institutions in the world for the study of jazz; in fact, the educational mission, public programming, and research agendas of the Center are among the most ambitious, intellectually wide-ranging, aesthetically diverse, internationally connected, and socially committed of any research institution. Center for Jazz Studies faculty produce both academic scholarship and cutting-edge music and technologies, and are perhaps the most productive, in scholarly terms, of any research center devoted to jazz and improvisation.

Dedicated to the advancement of jazz, the faculty of the Center is united in the belief that the study of jazz creates new knowledge about the human condition that can enhance not only the humanities and the arts, but also, potentially, any field of human endeavor. We are tremendously grateful to our many supporters, advisors, and friends throughout the years.

Your giving will help support:

– Cutting-edge research on the impact of jazz and improvisation on music, on the arts overall, in society and in the physical and human sciences.

– Mentorship and pedagogy of the next generation of students and scholars who will work in these disciplines to confront issues we can scarcely imagine now

– Curation, preservation, and access to an astonishing variety of creative artifacts in digital and physical formats related to the creation of jazz

– Public events involving words, music, and visual presentations that bring the knowledge and experience of jazz performers and researchers to Columbia, to New York, and, in digital format, to the world.

If you are interested in making a gift that will advance these goals, please visit the gift giving site at Center for Jazz Studies Fund.