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Howard “Stretch” Johnson was one of a number of African Americans who helped transform the United States from a racially exclusionary society to a multiracial democracy. Johnson’s memoir begins with his origins, in what he calls a “multiclass/multiethnic” family, in New Jersey and moves on to recount his career as a dancer in Harlem’s Cotton Club, a Communist youth leader, and a professor of Black Studies. Panelists who will be discussing Johnson's life and work include: Eve Boutilié-Oxby, grand-daughter of Howard E. Johnson and daughter of Wendy Johnson; Kevin Fellezs, Professor of Music...

The Chamber Jazz Ensemble includes: James Emery, guitar; John Lindberg, bass; Rob Thomas, violin. Since its formation in 1977 on the Lower East Side of New York City, the String Trio of New York has been delighting, inspiring and thrilling audiences around the world with its singular acoustic improvisations and compositions for violin, guitar and bass. The Trio has become a veritable institution of jazz and contemporary music and they have developed a unique, personal sound and a musical essence which is immediately recognizable. This element has been noted by critic Nat Hentoff, who...

The Louis Armstrong Jazz Performance Program at Columbia University, directed by Professor Chris Washburne, Presents:

Columbia Jazz Ensembles and Combos - Two End of Spring Jazz Concerts

Bobby Porcelli



Saturday, April 26th, 2014


7pm-Piano Trio directed by Bruce Barth

8pm-Jazz Ensemble directed by Paul Bollenback

8:30pm-Jazz Ensemble directed by Ole Mathisen

9pm-Jazz Ensemble directed by Don Sickler

10pm-Free Jazz directed by Ole Mathisen



Sunday, April 27th, 2014



2pm-Jazz Ensemble directed by Victor Lin

4pm-Vocal Jazz Ensemble directed by Christine Correa

6pm-Afro-Cuban Ensemble directed by Ole Mathisen

8pm-Jazz Ensemble directed by Don Sickler

8:30pm-Jazz Ensemble directed by Bruce Barth

9:00pm Jazz Ensemble directed by Ole Mathisen


Event Sponsors:  Music Performance Program & Louis Armstrong Jazz Performance Program

Union Theological Seminary Social Hall (3041 Broadway, NYC, at 121st St.)


This concert is made possible by the generous support of The Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation.


Monthly Music Hackathon NYC & Columbia University Electrical Engineering Department Present:

The 2nd Annual Jazz Hackathon

April 26, 2014

To hack is to make something new by deeply investigating, taking apart, and reassembling a subject. Hackathons are gatherings that spend a full day going through the entire lifecycle of a creative project. It’s an opportunity to try out and share new ideas, collaborate, practice executing a project, and present what you’ve come up with. This hackathon will focus on jazz

There has been an explosion of development in technological tools for studying music in the past 20 years and jazz has been studied with these tools somewhat less than other styles of music, presenting an opportunity for new exploration. A research project at Columbia University called J-DISC has been focusing on this opportunity for the last few years. The Jazz Hackathon will kick off with a brief update on that particular project as well as with an overview of other interesting jazz research projects.

Any project that investigates jazz is appropriate for the Jazz Hackathon. Examples include new pieces of music, new approaches to improvisation, visualizations of audio, jazz history research, automated jazz performance, jazz catalog browsers, or the perfect niche jazz streaming music app. Last year participants created projects that re-synthesized a Charlie Parker solo with bird song, made a group improvisation guided by a Vine-powered score, designed automatically generated lead sheets, to name only a few projects.

Anyone who creates things related to jazz or art and technology is welcome to attend: musicians, composers, artists, musicologists, programmers, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, designers, weirdos, you.

Our special guests are the legendary virtuosic Ragtime group Xylopholks!

This event will last from 10am - 8pm, with a concert and hack presentations to follow. The event will take place on Columbia University Morningside Campus, Costa Commons Engineering.

CESPR / Schapiro Building, 7th floor, Room 750, 530 W 120th St New York, NY 10027

To RSVP: (You must RSVP with your real name. Photo ID will be required to enter the building.)